Dentistry for children

Services provided

  • First Dent team takes care of the dentition of your child, focusing on prevention, minimally invasive treatments, quality treatments and a positive motivation

  • we want to create a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere, so that your children see their visit at the dentist as a positive thing right from the very beginning

  • milk teeth are important for:

    1. chewing and proper feeding
    2. maintaining the necessary space for the eruption of permanent teeth
    3. allow normal bone and muscular development
    4. influence the development of speech

Brushing the teeth of children should start as soon as the first tooth erupted and will be done by the parent; at the age of 4 – 5 years the child starts brushing his own teeth, twice a day; he will be supervised by parents until the age of 7.

Dental sealing is a primary procedure for cavities prevention in children and it is made on temporary teeth and especially on permanent ones and it is advisable to be done immediately after they erupted.

Frequency of tooth decay after dental sealing decreases by up to 80 per cent.

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