• Represents that part of dentistry that deals with removal and correction of teeth position; it doesn`t have an age limit, five-years-old children to fourty years adults can be treated.
  • Parents should ve very careful with the teeth of the children because teeth changes occur from an early age and these changes can affect the health of teeth, gums and temporomandibular joint; an incorrectly mastication can have a bad impact on the integrity of the digestive tract.
  • Malocclusion can be treated nowadays without pain using braces, correction taking place in a shorter period of time and in a spectacular way.
  • From an aesthetic point of view, braces are almost invisible and they are made of translucent, tooth-colored materials.
  • It is easier to modify the position of teeth in childhood because the maxillary bones grow and reach maturity in childhood and adolescence.
  • It is recommended for people to have orthodontic treatment because, in the long run, untreated orthodontic problems can lead to the occurrance of speech impediments and prediposition for plaque and cavities.
  • Time duration of an orthodontic treatment can vary; usually it lasts 1 year. During this period it should exists a very close cooperation between the pacient and the orthodontist, having your braces examined and having specialized consultations being of extraordinary importance.

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