Dental Bonding

Dental bonding deals with the repair of dental fractures teeth lamination using composite resins, procedure which leads to an improves image.

This procedure is made in just one visit in our clinic, without any discomfort, thus helping to make the most beautiful smiles.



  • at the moment to be able to smile with confidence, thus feeling confident and confident in one’s own person, healthy teeth must also be very beautiful;
  • Ceramic dental faces represent the excellent aesthetics chapter;
  • requires minor wiping of the outside of the teeth, thus not affecting the vitality of the teeth;
  • are very physiognomic because of their translucency similar to the natural teeth;
  • from the point of view of BIOCOMPATIBILITY, it falls into the excellent chapter;
  • the work boundary is located near the gum that is not affected during the grinding process;
  • there will be no gum changes because it DOES NOT CONTAIN METAL;

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