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Complete stomatological clinic

First Dent It`s the only complete stomatological clinic in Prahova county. With a stomatological clinic for adults, one for children and a radiology department, with the latest equipment and technique and a complete range of dental treatments, First Dent is the best option for dental medicine.

  • Our team wants to treat the causes and not just the symptomatology of dental affections by using the most modern materials, equipment and techniques.
  • The basic principle is – prevention and minimal intervention – and all this is possible by using the lastest materials and without compromising, in order to create healthy and beautiful smiles.


  • at the end of the treatment you will be given a warranty certificate in which all the dental works performed in the clinic will be mentioned
  • warranty can be requested only for the treatments performed in our clinic
  • warranty, in case of dental implant, will be given only if all the stages of the treatment were performed in our clinic

Warranty periods:

  • dental crowns, dental bridges: 5 years
  • dental incrustations: 5 years
  • dental obturations: 2 years
  • partial dental protheses: 3 years
  • total dental protheses: 2 years
  • dental implants: 5 years

The warranty may be RETURNED or REDUCED

  • in case of neglected oral hygiene;
    if the dentist’s instructions are not followed;
  • the patient does not return for CONTROL AND PROFILAXY at 6 MONTHS;
  • if mobile dental work (partial and total prosthesis) is not properly maintained and maintained;
  • Temporary (provisional) prosthetic work is not granted;
  • no guarantee is provided to rescue a total prosthesis;
  • no warranty is given in the case of damaged works following a fall, blows, accidents;
  • the warranty is not offered for treatments that have not been fully paid;

Dental units

the latest generation of fiber optics, technology that supports the dentist, helping him to better visualize areas with no visible sight of the oral cavity, this is a plus for the success of the surgery


Our clinic is equipped with the latest dental appliances

Locator apex

is a dental apparatus which measures the length of the root canal, contributing to a successful canal treatment

Intraoral camera

is attached to the dental apparatus with which the pacient can watch the intraoral examination performed by the dentist and can also see on a monitor all the stages of the treatment and the final result.

Air flow

is a dental apparatus that removes dental tartar and it also offers an efficient gingival massage


this performant dental apparatus reads the color of the teeth, which it stored and then used as often as necessary, in order to reproduce it accurately.


is carried out in accordance with European Union standards. In a treatment session we use bibs, needles, glasses, masks, gloves, mouthwashes of UNIQUE USAGE


Strada Gh. Gr. Cantacuzino nr. 14, Ploieşti Prahova .

First Dent